Let your soul lead the way

You are here to explore all of you.

To embrace the depths of your ‘human-ness’ – your beauty and your rage.

And to unlock and experience the limitless potential of your soul. 


Something missing

I dedicated my life to becoming someone else’s version of success until I started to open my eyes in my late 20s.

Up until then I was a successful corporate tax lawyer in London, but I spent a lot of time in survival mode and feeling completely unfulfilled.  

I found myself asking, “isn’t there more to life than this?”

I was very easily overwhelmed and those I loved the most always got the worst of me.

Then I realised, I wasn’t going crazy.

There was another way to approach life that I hadn’t discovered yet.

And it started with me being really honest with myself and what I actually desired to create in my life. 

Keeping It Simple

When it comes to creating success in a way that feels good to each of us on the inside, it makes sense that there can never be a one size fits all approach – we are each as unique as our path to happiness and wild, unending success. 

You are your own blueprint.

And that can feel both exciting and terrifying all at once.

When I realised there was no step by step process to follow.

No mentor to show me the tried and tested blueprint that would work for me.

I felt lost.


And really scared.

Yet deep inside, I knew this was my post powerful invitation yet to explore myself, my soul, my truth and my light, at a deeper level than ever before.

Because when I stripped it all back, the blueprint to my success was wired within me.

All I had to do was tune in, listen and courageously move forward with a deep trust in the process.

So simple.

Yet so incredibly uncomfortable.

And the so incredibly rewarding and expansive. 

There is, however, a need for a holistic approach. In order to live your very best life, you must evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Skipping even just one of these leads to continued lack of fulfilment. 

I know that the idea of ‘spirituality’ can make some people nervous. Spirituality simply describes the relationship between an individual and their soul/higher self/intuition/God/Universe/Source. It doesn’t matter what tag you give this intangible flow of life force energy. Essentially it’s the energy of unconditional love. Your awareness of and connection to it is what counts. 

The New Paradigm Of Success

Let me introduce you to a new approach:


Neuroscience has shown the astonishing impact of your thoughts and perceptions on both your physiological health and your emotional wellbeing. Taking this a step further, the level of success you are experiencing (and the amount of struggle required by you) is a direct reflection of your subconscious programming and conditioning around work and success. Re-wiring your brain to expect different outcomes, make different choices and adopt new behaviours is a key part of the solution.


When you break down the physical matter of the human body it is composed purely of atoms. Atoms (energy) can neither be created nor destroyed – only changed from one form to another. Past trauma, shock and negative emotions and experiences remain with you energetically throughout your life unless these energies are consciously changed. Combining mindset work with energy healing allows the rewiring process to be hugely accelerated.

Spiritual Mastery

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are a soul with a body – not the other way around. By learning about your unique Human Design, you bring your mind and body into alignment with soul. As you deepen your relationship with Source (God, The Universe, Consciousness – depending on your beliefs), you are nourished on all levels. It is from this rock solid, intuitive foundation of faith and trust in your limitless nature that you create effortless, extraordinary success.

Introducing Helen

I am a leading Intuitive Success Coach and Human Design Specialist. I use Human Design and personally developed tools and processes to keep transformation simple. My body of work combines three essential components – mindset, energy work and spiritual connection.

Having previously worked as a corporate tax lawyer at a leading London law firm, after having my two children, Mia and Jack, I was inspired to seek a deeper understanding of human behaviour and success.

I have completely transformed the way I live and the way I approach life’s challenges. I now live in the South of Spain with my family and enjoy a wonderful work-life balance. Success is something I have learned to create from the inside-out. And now my mission is to equip and empower as many women as possible across the world to do the same.


“Helen helped me to surrender and let go and I am learning to trust and to delegate. Helen went above and beyond with her abilities, loving presence and generosity…

She is gentle yet fierce in her passion to be of service, and her abilities are potent. If you get the opportunity to work with Helen, take it. She is a powerhouse.”

Jayaleigh, Toronto

Ready To Create Success Without Sacrifice?

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